Nueva oferta

Important! Works only for deals with shown prices and entered WooCommerce price.

Enter the number of available deals that can be redeemed.

The text that appears on the side in the single deal page.

Si está habilitado, el usuario será redirigido al sitio web del código de oferta.

Cargue la imagen si desea que la página de trato único tenga su propio encabezado diferente de la miniatura.

The text that will appear in the pop up.

Al ingresar el enlace, se redirigirá al usuario en el canje de transacciones.

El acuerdo expirará exactamente cuando comience el día seleccionado.

This is the price that will be used for the WooCommerce Pricing. Only numbers must be placed here. The currency sign must not be entered. Make sure you have selected the correct currency in WooCommerce > Settings > General. If WooCommerce Sale Price is left blank or WooCommerce is disabled, the deal will not use a payment system.

Important! Enable WooCommerce plugin if this is set.

Enter map zoom level from 1 to 20.

Receiving map error? Google have changed their Google Maps policies and now an API Key has to be present for Google Maps to work. Please go to Appearance > Theme Settings > Deals and fill the "Google API Key" field.